Hong Kong - Ruttonejee Centre, 2004

Artists’ collaboration: Delia & Milenko Prvacki

Mural at Ruttonjee Center, hong Kong, China Realized in assemblage technique, this mural represents a new and original form of three-dimensional artwork, aimed to complement the interior design of the recently renovated, renowned historical Hong Kong building. Located in the Atrium @ Ruttonjee Center, the mural is placed at a strategic architectural configuration, covering almost the entire central wall (31 sqm) in a superb minimalist interior created by architect Keith Griffiths. The starting point in conceiving the composition for this mural was the pure geometric and fluid space, articulated and dominated by the white marble cladding on one hand and the meaningful message contained in the social and highly humanitarian role played by the owners of the building, whose aim trough generations was to leave a legacy of generosity and civic awareness, as well housing and promoting a world class design show center. Being a mixed-media assemblage of ceramic relief and mosaic work and using a large variety of materials and colors, the mural’s function was to unify the space with a sense of continuity, to embody and translate into a visual metaphor the idea of infinity, crossroads, juxtaposition of paths and directions, similarly to complex life and destiny of the people behind Rottonjee Estate’s history.