Murals @ National University of Singapore, 2005

Oddyssey - 2005 is the title of the commissioned mural at the new University Hall, build to celebrate the Singapore’s National University Centennial. Measuring 110 sqm and realized in glazed stoneware, it is Delia’s largest ceramic mural, executed as a continuous composition, which was conceived as an integrated artwork for the new building’s architecture as a functional, "cascading wall". It is an interpretation of a timeless and universal theme- the perpetual journey followed by the eternal return to home, the process of maturation trough sacrifices, struggle and aspiration. The large scale of the mural allowed for the creation of an allegoric, symbolic space which is able to convey the message of conquering the unknown and the pleasure and satisfaction of adventure and discovery. The water, in its dramatic transformation, from quiet river or waterfall to open sea or turbulent ocean is used as a metaphor for the shaping, learning and development process students encounter since their early age to their adult life. The water, as a source of life, is the physical and existential medium for all natural growth as much as schools and university in all human societies are the source of knowledge and spiritual nurturing, inspiration and sublime intellectual achievements.