NLB, Marine Parade, Woodlands Reg Lib, 2000

Sky Library, 1996-2000
84 elements, Glazed porcelain, acrylic stands
Size: 44 x 12 cm each piece

The new Marine Parade Community Center Library opened was inaugurated in 2000. The artist was approached by the National Library Board to supply artwork that would integrate harmoniously with the architecture of the building.

Delia proposed a body of work inspired by sky, clouds, sea and waves, a most appropriate theme in view of the location. The SKY LIBRARY project was born. The particular use of motif and repetition evident in Delia's earlier work was associated here with the "library" concept, and also as a metaphor for literature, and poetry, the sky and the ethereal. This is a site-specific installation, with 84 glazed porcelain elements set on an acrylic structure.

On the opposite wall, a tapestry titled SEA POEM offers another evocation of the sea nearby, dialoguing with SKY through contrasts of hue and texture. PIECES FROM THE SEA, donated by the artist, completes the very large and busily traveled atrium space. It is a sculptural installation set at floor level, whose unique color reverberations and undulations pay a final homage to the ocean.