PUB water feature, 2001

In 2001, renovation work began on the concourse and ground level of the Singapore Power Building. This 25-year-old edifice is famous for the modernity of its design at the time it was built. Delia was invited to make proposals for the water pool surrounding the building and for the lift lobby area.

The project suggested by the artist derived from the fact that the new water features must integrate harmoniously with the existing wall decoration as well with the overhaul construction materials. The intention was to emphasize the importance of the entrance to the building, and create a personal, experiential link between the visitor and the very concept of "Singapore Power."

In this context, water was seen both as a source of energy and an auspicious evocation of the rich cultural linkages uniting the Singaporean population.
The ceramic installation in the four ponds situated symmetrically around the entrance was conceived in such way as to suggest the flow of energy, to invite the viewer to interact with the artwork, and to bring the public to reflect on the fundamental values embodied by nature's resources.

In the ponds, the horizontal and calm surface of the water provides support to the artwork's intricate texture. Similarly, the vertical walls and warm colors of the lift lobby inspired the artist to create a relief of a more dynamic and playful nature, taking full advantage of the water flow nearby and the shadows and twinkling of the gold-leafed details.