Zouk, 2005

Artists: Milenko & Delia Prvacki
Subcontractors, GRC cast: Poh Cheong Concrete Product Pte Ltd

One of the best known locations in Singapore - the ZOUK complex, went trough a major renovation at end of 2005 year. Invited to collaborate on the visual transformation of the Main Club, DeliArts completed an exciting, experimental and challenging project, integrating applied arts into the context required by the new interior design and finding original solutions for improving the functionality as well as developing a distinctive visual language contained in a series of objects and architectural components, responding to the image created by Phillips Connor of Designphase and promoted by Lincoln Chen, Zouk’s owner. Building the shapes and volumes of each piece in accordance to its functional needs, the covering "skin", or the mosaic surface was used once again to create a couple of "furniture" pieces designated for public use: a mirror frame, a dancing platform, as well the hand washing fountain. The visual language we developed created a consistent (in its consequent chromatic and volume treatment) and integral ensemble which blends well into the newly created, futuristic environment. The artists wanted as well to contribute and respond to designer’s and owner’s call for a noble mission - to create "objects of art and desire" in a space designated for entertainment. Such san endeavor carries a sense of understanding of the role of contemporary art and design in a context such as a popular night spot, aiming to educate and elevate spiritually the public, raising consciousness and respect for aesthetic values, especially aimed at youth, even in common places such as toilets (with the white relief ceramic elements spread of its wall), communal wash area (were the mosaic work create an unified interior, comprising the ceiling, the floor, the walls surrounding the bench and the central fountain) or the background wall for the Bar 2 (which became an interesting mural in green tones).